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Ferg's trails

*no longer running

Published 2012

Words and photos: Michael Ferguson

Video: Ryan Hallett


Location: Devon



History of your trials: 

The trails have been here for over thirteen years now. They started because we had nowhere to ride nearby and if you weren't old enough to drive you were consigned to riding miles to the nearest village to hop off curbs. 

The jumps have appeared in Magazines a couple of times and been in a few web edits. 

I normally try and have a small jam/bbq every year with a few of the nearby trail riders. Its normally pretty low key. The one exception to that was Martyn Tambling’s birthday jam this summer (2012). 


Describe your trails: 

The number of jumps was cut down a few years ago as I didn't have the time to maintain them all. The jumps that remain are steep, well maintained and built slightly downhill. 


Main diggers/locals: 

I have had help from a few people over the years but the majority of the digging has been done by myself. There are a small group of guys who ride the trails regularly. Toby Parker, Jay Cowley, Rob Newman and Keegan Crook are the only riders who live close enough to make repeat visits.



Updates/changes for 2013: 

Keep everything running, maybe expand some of the lines if I have the time.



Long term trails/digging goals: 

Keep my place running for as long as I can and help out more at nearby spots.

I would like to ride your trails. Are they open to the public or private/invite only? Is there a local I can contact to ask to ride? And does it matter whether I ride a BMX or a MTB?

The trails are invite only as they are on private land. Knowing some of the K-hole or Bogey Trails locals may get you an invite, but the jumps are not for beginners.

Rob Newman is the only MTB rider to have ridden the jumps in recent years. You'd have to ask him if he'd describe them as MTB friendly. 


There is no BMX ONLY rule, although the shape of the jumps definitely favours BMX bikes.



Nearby spots:

K-hole, Bogey Trails, Decoy, JLC and a couple of other spots that will remain nameless.



Any jams or contests going on at your trails this year? 

If we get a decent Summer there will be a BBQ or two.

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