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K-hole trails

Published 2011

Words: Peter Ford


Location: Devon



History of the trails:

There have been trails of one sort or another for getting on 20 years. I know the origins have been documented by Rob Newman previously for GetaBMX so I wont go into it too much. The Athertons and friends established some jumps/tracks on the site when they were kids. This was back in the early 1990s sometime. After they moved away nothing much happened for five or six years and what jumps were there became pretty overgrown. The spot was then taken up by myself and a small group of others and has progressed year on year since about 2001. The trails have become pretty decent these days but the scope for new lines/ increases in size has pretty much gone. We are out of space and out of dirt!


For the last couple of years we have had an annual summer jam which has always had a good turn out, 2011 being the best year yet in my opinion. Often this co-insides with a local village street party which have led to some interesting times.


We try to keep a low profile in terms of media coverage as our somewhat rural location means we cant afford to attract large numbers of non-locals as this might not go down too well with the Parish. Liability and safety are at the forefront of councils up and down the country. We are in a very unique and favourable situation and have an excellent relationship with the local councillors. We wish to keep it that way!



Describe your trails:

K hole trails are set in a small strip of land in rural Devon. The trails are approximately 100m long and 15m wide. There are a few sparse trees. The Trails run slightly downhill (as all good trails should). We have around six or so main lines but these all merge and split at different points so you cant really put an accurate figure on it. We try to keep things interesting with very few straight jumps. We have a few smaller lines and one big line. Everything else is in between.



Main diggers/locals:

Historically the main diggers are myself and my right hand man would be Mr Olive Clarkson. Other local diggers include Mr Rob Newman (chief jump tester) and Mr Dylan Stone (chief stone enforcer and weed killing boss) and a range of other good friends from over the years. Unfortunately, myself and Olive have had to move away from the trails and can only get down at weekends. This will likely have a detrimental impact on getting everything sorted out etc.



Updates/changes for 2012:

Winter 2011/2012 has seen the big set get a lot bigger. It had not had much attention for a few years so we gave it a proper good overhaul. Other changes have been a few new features and alterations up the top of the trails near the pump track. Long term trails/digging goals:


To try to ensure the trails keep going for as long as possible. We need to get more young types with a passion for trails involved. Promising new recruits include Mr Newman’s protege’ Freddy Pulman: a shredder in the making.



I would like to ride your trails. Are they open to the public or private/invite only? Is there a local I can contact to ask to ride? And does it matter whether I ride a BMX or a MTB?

As I said earlier on, we try to keep a low profile to keep all involved happy. Whilst the trails are 100% on public land we prefer those keen to get involved to do so through the locals. We have local MTB and BMX riders so no problems with regard to wheel size. Please try to keep the deep treads for the DH though.


Any jams or contests going on at your trails this year?

Hopefully a summer jam depending on when/if? we get everything running this year…


Ed note: These trails are not for the faint hearted. While there is a pump track and a small line most of the main lines are pretty big and with the trails being on a slope you pick up some good speed as you go through. The locals are all friendly and providing you’re willing to pick up a spade or at least make the offer then you’ll get on well. Oh and bring BBQ food in summer.

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