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Published: 20/05/17

Photo: ‘At probably the most incredible place in the world, Milford Sounds, New Zealand. Prior to this photo I had been dragged out from my tent at 8am after getting in at 5.30am from a wild night in Queenstown. Needless to say although at the time I was pissed about having to resurrect I was very thankful later on when I was able to see this amazing place!’

Saturday Snaps with

Andrew Thomson

Who is Andrew Thomson?


Just a simpleton winging it through life trying to have as much fun as possible, from Melbourn, UK. 23 years young, Ride and dig at the Woodyard trails with the boys! BMX has taken me far and wide to places I thought I'd never travel to. I’ve been riding the best part of ten years now. That shit’s the best.



Years shooting: 


Maybe five years 



What got you into taking photos?


At a young age I was easily influenced by my older friends who filmed and took photos. I would always look at their shit and witness the impact it had on other people and how it influenced them. That for me is what it's really about, capturing something that’s sick that makes others think 'fuck yeah that's sick, I wanna do that shit'. It’s all about keeping the stoke high, keeping what we do relevant and influencing positivity into this life we lead. I'm by no means a great photographer, but I shoot my friends doing what they love and it involves nothing but good times and creates memories that will last a lifetime, and if it makes others happy then hell yeah!



First photography related memory:


To be honest I think I was really hooked on filming way before photography. My good friend and legend Dave King always produced the best videos of my friends and it inspired me and a whole generation of young riders. He has a way of capturing the atmosphere without forcing it. That aside I got into filming bits and bobs trying to imitate his style, which I found out was very very hard! My good friend Johnny Elia is also an incredible film maker/photographer who influenced me massively into picking up a camera and trying to create videos which captured a good vibe. Photography sort of just become a thing that I picked up along the way alongside filming, because I was keen to learn. Photography is something I personally think you should learn your own way through trial and error. Create your own style and how you like things to look. Photography is definitely a way quicker satisfaction, obviously, as you get an immediate outcome whereas putting a video together can take months, so photography becomes quite appealing to lazy shits like myself!



Best photography experience:


It’s hard to pinpoint one exact experience, because when I get the camera out it’s generally because it's a good time and I wanna do my best to try and capture the moment. All I can say is it's a pleasure when you're on a trip somewhere trying to create a moment with a good friend, and if they get stoked off that photo it's an even better feeling!



Worst photography experience:


Hmm, thats a hard one. Probably when I dropped my camera bag out of the car in New Zealand because I'm a clumsy fuck who don't look after their shit and broke my viewfinder, which to be fair I'm still trying to get fixed! Other than that there haven’t been any real bad experiences. I always try to capture the good times to look back on and reminisce for years to come.



Advice for taking a good photo: 


Get a good friend or bunch of friends, do something sick and capture it the best you can, simple.



Three favourite photographers:


My good friends Johnny Elia, Matt Priest and Dave king. Oh and Vince Perraud’s shit is fucking sick too! 



Photography highlight/achievement:


I don't take photos to try and make money or achieve anything other than getting a good shot for my friends or trying to influence someone in some sort of way to pick up a bike or travel somewhere and do something cool with their lives. Life’s too short to say what if; I'd rather regret something than say what if, so fuck it, send it! In the wise words of Larry Enticer.



Why do you take photos?


For the pure love of creating good memories to look back on. As I said I couldn't give a fuck about making money out of photography, as for me it's a hobby and I do it for the pure enjoyment of getting people stoked on what they're doing. As long as we stay positive and progress then it’s good times, right?


Featured photos

Lima kicking out in Ruben Alcantaras amazing bowl in Malaga. Lima just placed 4th in the Vans Pro Cup resulting in him getting an invite to the finals in Huntingdon Beach, California, Stoked! 

My good friend Damo Wilkinson doing a Table at the Woodyard. A classic sunny sunset evening session; what it's all about for us! 

I had the absolute pleasure of filming a sort of comeback video for Matt Priest after his horrific ankle incident which took him out for the best part of a year. Seeing such a shit situation be used as motivation to result into something so positive was very inspiring and something that will reside with me for years to come, to always keep pushing no matter what anyone tells you, especially shitty doctors...

We took a trip to France last September for the La Source jam. Like in previous years we incorporated it into a south of France road trip. Here we are at a dream spot in Biarritz, a surf museum created by some crazy architect. After rushing our bikes out of the van to briefly session the spot, thinking we'd get kicked out straight away, we ended up riding it for three hours with no bother at all! Here’s Cody Diggs roasting this unbelievably tight bowl whilst Bentley laps up the south of France heat!

My absolute favourite place on earth: The empire that we have created over the past eight years. A place that a lot of heart and effort has gone into, all in the name of having a good time and inspiring others.

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