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Published: 09/05/15

Saturday Snaps with

Adam Lievesley

Who is Adam Lievesley? 

I’m just an average 18 year old BMX’er who likes to take photos and have fun on his bike. I can usually be found riding or taking pictures at the Asylum skatepark.



Years shooting:  




What got you into taking photos? 

I bought a Nikon d3000 DSLR around the same time I started to go to the skatepark. My friend Billy had a BMX that he let me ride, and after about two months of sharing his bike I bought my own. I got to know the locals and I saw they used to take photos on their phones. I thought that I could take my own camera down and shoot some myself. I did and found it was really fun taking the photos, showing them to the riders and seeing their faces light up. When I look back now though they were pretty bad photos haha.



First photography related memory:

The first time I shot a barspin; the bars were half way round and the rider (my mate Dan) had both hands off. I can remember looking at it and then jumping up running to show him because I’d timed it right. I know all BMX photographers hate shooting bar spins cause they’re so hard to time.



Best photography experience:

The best photographic experience for me so far was getting an article on the Ride UK BMX website. It was about up and coming young BMX photographers and I had been noticed. They asked me to write a few words about my favourite photos. That was a big thing for me as it meant that other people were seeing my work and really liking it. The article was shared between me and two other photographers who absolutely kill it. Big thanks to Neil Fraiser for sorting it all out and for helping me in general.



Worst photography experience:

Watching a skateboarder fall off and his board smashing into my light stand obliterating my flash, while I was at the other side of the park. 



Advice for taking a great photo: 

Visualise how the photo is going to look thinking about the riders body position and how high they are going to go. Then go to where you want to take the photo and focus on where the rider will be when you take the photo and then switch off auto focus. This way you know it’ll be in focus and you can concentrate on the timing. Also experiment with photos. If it doesn’t work try something else, and at least you’ll know not to try it again. You learn more shooting bad photos than you do taking good ones.



Three favourite photographers:  

There are so many amazing photographers out there. Vince Perraud, Aaron Zwaal and Rob Dolecki, George Marshal, Clem Hencher-Stephens, Dunk, Robin Pearson, Leon Stimpson, Fooman, Eisa Bakos... They all have been an inspiration to me. I could keep listing for ages haha.



Photography highlight/achievement: 

In general, seeing my photos getting used by companies and pro riders and the time I got a feature on Ride.



Why do you take photos? 

Seeing the reaction of a rider after they do a certain trick and showing them the photo and seeing their facial expression after looking at the photo. I get a similar buzz off of that as when I land a trick I’ve been trying for ages. It also allows me to meet a lot of people and put my own mark on the BMX world. I also enjoy capturing that moment in time the rider will be stoked on.




Top five photos:

Chris Lanyon


Here is a photo of Salt Mill local Chris Lanyon who I had been riding with all day and towards the end of the session asked if he wanted to shoot some photos and took this. 


Nikon d800, Sigma 70-20mm at f2.8, iso 125, f6.3, 1/250th,. Two flashes on top of quarter on both sides of the rider.

Jake Walters 


Jake blasting a t-bog over the local Fullwood trails that he helps build with Jon Jon Rogerson. Jake is an insane rider and isn’t too bad at building skateparks either.


Nikon D800, Sigma 15mm-ƒ/6.3, 15.0mm, 1/250, iso160. Two flashes right and left of the jump.

Adam Lievesley


This is a self-shot photo of myself doing a manual down my street. I set the camera on a time-lapse taking a photo every two seconds in the hope of getting a shot mid manual. Stoked on how it turned out.


Nikon D7000, Rokinon 8mm fisheye ƒ/5.6  8.0 mm 1/80  iso100

Tom Hibbit 


Tom is one of my best riding mates and at the time of this photo he was only 15. He has so much style and flow, especially for someone so young. This was taken at The Asylum Skatepark. I would like to thank Plow, Jesse, Kayley, Rob and everyone else because without all of them I wouldn’t be where I am today because of their help and support and for that I am forever grateful. This photo has also featured on The Come Up, Ride UK BMX and Push It a Stop.


Nikon D7000, 50.0 mm, f/1.8, ƒ/5.0, 50.0mm, 1/200, iso640. Two flashes left and right of tom with the left slightly behind and right slightly in front.

Luke Herring 


Finally this photo is of Luke at our local park North Wingfield. I had seen a photo that Jeff Zelinski had posted using slow shutter speed capturing motion, so I put my own twist on it. 


Nikon D7000, Samyang fisheye 8mm, ƒ/8.0, 1/50, iso100. Two flashes on the quarter.

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