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Published: 11/03/17

Cover photo: Josh Moore

Saturday Snaps with

Jason Colledge

Who is Jason Colledge? 

Jason Colledge is a “freelance” photographer hailing from the south west of England (Devon) currently living in Melbourne and melting away in the heat on a daily basis.



What brought you to Australia and how does living there compare to home?

I came to Australia to explore. It's one place I've always wanted to go and see. My girlfriend had her ticket booked before I met her and it gave me a real good excuse to just pack up and head out and see what it's all about! It's good here for sure, it's not somewhere I thought I would love but there are so many other amazing places out there! Barcelona has a huge place in my heart every time I have been there I have loved it more and more.



is Aus gonna be a long term thing? You should shoot with Dylan Lewis and the snakewoods guys!

I have a year Visa that expires in November but I'll be back in August. I shot some stuff with Dylan at the Vans park, and Jason watts is down this way in a week or two so I’ll be shooting with him.



Years shooting: 

I’ve always had an interest in photography but I didn’t start to take it real seriously until Benson from the Albion hit me up and asked me to do an online interview. I didn’t realise people would take an interest into my work; i just liked creating it.



What got you into taking photos? 

I was working in construction for my dad and it sucked so I was told I had to go to college to learn a trade, and art and design seemed like a fun option. I specialised in photography for my second year which then lead on to me going to uni to study photography.



First photography related memory:

Shooting a roll of film one night with my friend and not having a clue what i was doing and getting a blank roll of film minus one photo of a glowing cross on the church! GOTH!!



Best photography experience:

Every time i get the picture from my head into the camera! Cant beat that feeling, its like a game to me!



Worst photography experience:

Accidentally formatting a card is a good one. Empty batteries too!!



Advice for taking a great photo: 

Try enjoy what you’re doing and don’t expect to get it right every time.



Three favourite photographers:

Vince Perraud three times over?? His work is unreal, very big fan of his work.



Photography highlight/achievement:

Having my photo make it into the latest Red Bull illume book! I was seriously so shocked to make it in there. I was shocked to even get short listed let alone make the book.



Why do you take photos?

I like to create. I don’t take a camera with me everywhere I go (naughty i know) and i am very set on what i want to shoot, if i get an idea it becomes a game for me to make the picture in my head.


Top photos:

Ben Lewis - heated


This photo was shot whilst we was on a Full cab trip to Barcelona. Shortly after setting off we made it to France and broke down. We hit this spot whilst in France and it was some un-real heat going on that day.

Jordan Godwin - 360 Alicante


This is the shot that made the Red Bull Illume book. I was perched up on top of a skinny wall about 30ft up balancing with my camera in my hand held to shoot the sequence. Just to the right of frame there was aerobics group session for old people; I think they were stoked!

Pete - portrait


This was shot as Pete’s opening pages for his interview in Endless mag issue 1. Soft box to the left of frame and a hazy sky.

James Curry - Crank arm tyre grab


This was the first cover I scored. James Curry with a crank arm tyre grab. We originally planned to shoot a crank arm but Curry was saying he wanted to step it up a bit and went the extra mile. 


Lighting set up if i remember correctly were two Einsteins and one speed light, one Eitnesin was at the top right of frame as the kicker light, the the speed light middle left of frame as a spot light on Curry, then Einstein bottom left of frame to light the rest of the frame.

Tom Rowe - hip boost


This is one of my earlier shots. After cruising around the UK with Tom (pictured) and Che in the Transit van we hit this park on one of the legs home. The sky was looking cool and the composition was clean! I like to shoot photographs that are quite simple. I’m all about the setting more so than the trick. There are flashes left and right of the frame.

Sam Jones - Oppo ice


So this was shot in London on quite a know spot. The run up wouldn’t allow for a flash stand up top without being in Sam’s way so Eisa was my voice activated flash stand and held my flashes. I think the team effort made this photo even better!

Stefan Lantschner - up close


I think this has to be one of my all time favourites. It’s completely opposite of how i like to compose my photos. i very much like to follow the rule of thirds and not crop at all. when i first saw what I had captured I was kind of like “oh, fucked that one” then the more i looked at it the more I liked it. I was stood on my bike which I’d laid on the floor then had my camera held above my head to try have a higher vantage point, so this was just a hit n hope scenario that paid off.

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