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Published: 08/09/12

Saturday Snaps with

Roger Gruetter

Who is Roger Gruetter?

If I knew that...


I am 34 years old, I live pretty much in the middle of Switzerland and I have worked as a freelance photographer since 2008.



Years shooting:




What got you into taking photos?

As a result of racing downhill and dual slalom I was often injured. In 2002 I had a pretty severe crash, which resulted in five operations over the following years, so I needed a hobby to pass the time. This is when I started taking photos. I went to lots of races to shoot photos when I couldn’t compete, which was great because it kept me in the scene. 



First photography related memory:

As a child I always wanted to use with my father's singel-lens reflex camera, but I was never allowed.



Best photography experience:

The incredible feeling I get when I realise I have a banger shot



Worst photography experience:

I came home from a job for a Ski Magazine, put the memory card in my iMac and was happily browsing though the photos. Then an error message flashed on the screen. Although I followed the computers commands, all the photos had gone... After several hours in the middle of the night I managed to restore about 85% of the photos.



Advice for taking a great photo: 

Oooh, this is difficult because there are many things to take into account, but the two most important factors are:

- You should know, before you take the photo, what you want to have in and out of frame. 

- Press the shutter button at the right moment.



Three favourite photographers:

Ansel Adams, Marcus Riga and Sebas Romero.



Photography highlight/achievement:

I can live with photography, and what could be better than to turn your passion into a career



Why do you take photos?

Because I can decide what I want to show.

I can be creative.

I enjoy not knowing in the morning what the result of my work will be at the end of the day.

And simply because I love it!




Top photos:

2008: 2CV

We were changing location for a shoot further up the road, and just as I drove off, I looked in the rear view mirror and saw Reto Schmid. I reached for the camera on the passenger seat and pressed the shutter button. At that exact moment an old 2CV drove past. Later that evening I read on the Internet that the 2CV had celebrated it's 60th birthday that day: What an incredible coincidence!


Nikon D700  70mm  1/2000s  f/2,8  iso 200

2009: Night Ride

I had had the idea for this photograph in my mind for quite some time. Actually I wanted to additionally highlight the rider with my camera flashlight, but I'm glad I didn't. I pressed the shutter button of my Pocket Wizard, with ever increasing pressure, for 192 seconds. In the end I had almost no feeling left in my thumb, haha.


Nikon D200  12mm  192s  f/8  iso 200

2010: Little Human

We discovered this beautiful location on an Autumn bike tour. Camera out, press the button, pack it back up and continue the journey...


D200  58mm  f/5,6  1/2000s  iso 200

2011: A Day in a Never-Ending Fall


This panorama is, in my view, as good as it gets.


D700  45mm  1/1000s  f/8  iso 320 

2012: The Power of Pow

I expected a pow cloud, but not one this big. Positive surprises like these are one of the best things about photography. Life is beautiful!


Nikon D700  105mm  f/16  1/1250s  Iso 200

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