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PH trails

Published 2011

Words: John Conway

Photos: John Conway, Joe Bailey and getabmx

Video: Josh Baltazar


Location: Leeds



History of the trails:

There have been jumps where my jumps are now since 2000, a MTBer started digging and broke his leg then moved away. I started digging winter 2008. That said when I started building here there was only grass and a couple of tiny grass mounds. I started digging here because I love riding jumps and I wanted something close to my house thinking that if I start building people will come and join me. Obviously Kevin Costner has never been to Leeds. It’s been a mainly solo affair over the years which is shit. I want people to come down, ride and chill but trails just aren’t alive in the heart of Leeds unfortunately.



Main diggers/locals:

Mainly myself and Chris Buckle helped a few years ago, and Joe Bailey gave a hand a few years ago.



Updates/changes for 2012:

There is a new trick jump after the berm at the end of the main line, and a new jump at the end of the small line. Other than that I do what I can to keep them running smooth.



Nearby spots:

Adel woods for MTB guys and Hyde Park is my local skatepark.




Ed note

Description of the trails:

PH trails run down a hill, so the jumps start tiny and quickly get to a decent size. The main line has five straight jumps with steep take offs and landings going into a fast berm then into a new trick jump which can be jumped straight or hipped. In addition, there is another ten pack running parallel to the main line with a decent sized right hand hip at the end, and a smaller eight pack with a couple of hips on the right. The trails are out in the open and so dry quickly in the sun. In the summer they are best ridden in the evenings. The jumps are easy to get through and are good fun. It’s just a shame that not more people help dig, there’s only so much one guy can do with a spade.

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