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Moos trails

Published 2011

Words and photos: Daniel Jones


Location: Swansea. South Wales



History of the trails:

The trails started out in the summer of 2008. I had a spot nearby at the time which was in the open so maintenance was a pain. When I was riding there I snapped my frame and was in for a long wait to get a replacement. I had loads of free time not be able to ride and having had enough of building on open ground I scoped out a place in the woods and Moos was born!


To begin with it was just me digging for a month or two then a mate and later a few others joined in and we dug like crazy for a couple of years, then the council got involved and lent us a digger for a few day in September 2010. The spot was getting pretty big by then and we had four lines going, none of which got finished! They are still not finished!


Since then it been all bad news. Swansea City Council asked us to stop riding in June 2011 so that they could get planning permission for the trails. There has not been much progress since and the trails are still officially closed. We're not sure what's going to happen at the moment.


We've had a few small jams, nothing huge, just a few visitors from around England. The trails have had lots of shots in magazines mainly in adverts as some of the locals are semi-pro, and an article in Dirt in the Welshside section which was awesome!



Describe your trails:

We have four or maybe five lines depending on how you count them because some interlink. There is also a mini line with berms and a mini fruit bowl type feature. The main line has twelve jumps, a 270 berm, a few hips and a step up. The flow line consists of six jumps, including a epic jump into a berm to jump out, and another big berm. The biggest line just has two jumps so far. We're terrible at naming stuff hence the boring names!



Main diggers/locals:

Me, Dan Jones, Geoff Bayliss (who started the spot with me, currently away at uni) and Dyl Westbury. Past diggers include Harry Griffiths, who has gone on to ride MTBs down hills, and Richard Homer did some great work for a brief period before he moved away. Other locals who can sometimes be encouraged to pick up a spade once in a while: Danny Pace, Adam William, Dylan Stares, Ashley Stares, Leon, Ed Tucker.



Changes for 2012:

None! As mentioned previously we can't dig as the council have closed the trails for now.



Long-term goals:

Get the trails official, finish all the lines.



I would like to ride your trails. Are they open to the public or private/invite only? Is there a local I can contact to ask to ride? And does it matter whether I ride a BMX or a MTB?

Yeah visitors are welcome BMX or MTB, if you respect the trails you will be welcome. Put a message on our blog if you want to ride: The trails are closed at the moment so no visitors until we get stuff sorted with the council.



Nearby spots:

There is a spot five minutes away with a few small lines.



Any jams or contests going on at your trails this year?

No jams or contests this year.



Anything else?

Keep up to date with our progress and support our cause by joining our Facebook group (click here). 


Ed note:

Do your bit to help save the trails by contacting Jack Straw (, Chief Executive of Swansea City Council. Click here for an example letter.


The trails run downhill so you gain a lot of speed going through and you don’t need to pump; just float over them and you’ll get on well. There are some tight vertical berms too which are good fun, and a trick jump for all you trick ferrets.

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