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Published: 30/06/12

Saturday Snaps with

Mike King

Who is Mike King? 

A 21 year year old lover of BMX who lives in Brighton.


BMX has been the biggest part of my life for ten years or so, it's easily the best thing that's ever happened to me. I'm so lucky to work within what I love, every day is totally new and I can't thank everyone enough who's put up with and supported me to get me to where I am.



Years filming:  

Not much shorter than I've been riding. Can't be far off nine years now...



What got you into filming and making videos? 

BMX lead me to it. If I didn’t ride then I don't know if I would have found my passion in it.



First video related memory: 

I guess just filming stuff at the park with my friends during the day, then going home afterwards and sitting in the living room watching all the footage back on my TV.



Best videographer experience: 

It’s impossible to name just one, as it's as if they get better every time. Ride To Glory this year and the DK trip from Ohio to Austin I went on shortly before stand out. Both crews were awesome, and the pressure was definitely on, but riders that good make things very VERY easy for me.



Worst videographer experience: 

When my Sony VX2100 camcorder got ran over by a van... That definitely ruined my day.



Advice for filming and making a BMX video: 

It's like riding, do it if you love it, not because you want to make a career out of it. Otherwise it will show in your work and you won't get anywhere with it. BMX is too small, if you plan on getting into it to get rich, the very first thing you can do is fuck off.



Three favourite film makers: 

Will Stroud, Richard Forne and Tony Ennis.



Video highlight/achievement: 

Hmmm, very hard again to name one. I've been so lucky and can't begin to word how grateful I am for some of the projects I've been able to work on all over the world, but Ride To Glory felt like such a huge achievement, remembering back to how excited I used to be watching it as a kid... Still buzzing on that for sure.



Why do you make videos? 

Where I am now I never thought I'd be, it's how I make my living, I'm by no means rich but it's always so exciting working on new projects with new or existing friends. I used to be so pumped the whole time to just make videos whenever I had time, maybe I got lazy, because I wish I still had the energy to do a lot more personal stuff, but it feels like now I cherish the time I'm not working to ride, hang out with the homies and celebrate life.


Favourite videos:

MacNeil UK In Madrid 


Not more than a couple of weeks after I started riding for MacNeil, this trip was already booked up. Everyone involved with this video is a close friend of mine. I'd never really ridden much street and to this day, I'm so overly anal about the stuff I like to film on/ride. But TM at the time Ben Green killed it with the spots, such a good time.

Dennis Enarson MARKIT video


Chrisitan Rigal and Terrell Gordy are another two amazing videographers. They got together and filmed one of the best riders on the face of the planet riding his own backyard, all the ingredients were perfect for this one.

Kevin Kiraly Verde part


Not much to say about this one. Kevin Kiraly is just very good at riding bikes.

Ride to Glory 2012


Number five is Ride To Glory this year, I had a blast with some really good friends and the riding was awesome.. You'll have to pick up a copy of the next Ride UK to check that one out. Mwahahaha.

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