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Published: 27/08/11

Mike Bennett:

Style guy

Mike’s riding can easily be described in one word: style. This perhaps isn’t surprising given that he has ridden with some of Spain’s biggest names. It is the kind of riding kids should take note of: high, sideways, smooth, fast and never with pegs... Tricks take backstage, called upon only on occasion as a clicked downturn or nosed twist. In this case less is certainly more. Luckily he is also good at making videos, so anyone who has not watched him ride can appreciate his talent nonetheless. I asked him some questions: 

Age: 25

Years riding: 12

Sponsors: Zilch

Bike set up: T1, Fly parts, and a weird looking thing called a BRAKE!

Day job: Carpenter

Music: Pelican, Neil Young, The Jezabels, Jakob, Bob Dylan, Explosions in the sky

When and how did you get into riding? 

About 12 years ago when my brother gave me my first BMX. 



Have you dabbed in bikes outside of BMX? 

Yes, I ride a road/touring bike



How would you describe your riding style? 

Feel the flow

"I couldn’t hack living in London, too many rats in the race."

Where have you lived, and where have you liked and disliked the most?

Well I was born in Kent then moved to the north Yorkshire Moors at the age of two. It was an awesome place to grow up. We then moved to Spain when I was 16. I moved back to London when I was 20 to live with my brother. I lived there for two years on and off (moved back to Spain for a while). Now I live in Newton Abbot. I like the Devon countryside but I love Malaga so much too, and I have the best of both worlds with my parents living there. I'm lucky. I couldn’t hack living in London, too many rats in the race.



Has living in different places and riding with different people had an impact on your riding?

Absolutely! Its made me who I am today.

When you moved to Spain, what was it like mingling with the local scene and sessioning with the big names, was it intimidating at first?

Not at all, I felt instantly welcome! They are some of the best people I have ever met. Learning Spanish was a bit hard though...



Has riding in Malaga with renowned riders including Ruben (Alcantara) and Sergio (Layos) had a strong influence on you?

Yes it has, their style is contagious.



From a riding point of view in particular, Malaga must have been an amazing place to live, why did you move away?

I moved back to England just to pass my driving test, then i got a job and the rest is history. 

Thoughts on the Exeter and Devon scene?

Well now I live in Newton Abbot, so its a good place to ride. I think the Devon 'scene' is chilled. Needs more trails!



What injuries have you sustained over the years, and have they affected you long-term?

Not many, usual ankle twists, cuts, swelbows etc, but no broken bones... touch wood!!



What motivates you to ride? 

The feeling of knowing how a set of jumps feel or a good park. 



You seem to have a very laid back and care-free approach to riding, what scares you?

Spiders! I guess injuries scare me; not being able to ride for any reason.

Favourite trick?




Most stylish rider? 




Best edit you’ve seen recently? 

I think Joe Rich's spanish toast and the Andalucia series is beyond words. I guess because i have lived there and ridden where they filmed and know what is going through there minds at each place.



You have a strong brand loyalty towards Terrible 1, is there a story behind this?

Not really a story i just like the frames, parts, designs, graphics, team, videos and so on. Its all good



Question by Joe: If you didn’t ride a T1 what would you ride?

Fly Pantera

If you had to confine your riding to only one spot, where would it be? 

Arroyo de la miel... but that place is no longer with us, so... I'm happy riding Decoy trails at the moment so there i guess!  



Trails or park?




What are your views on mountainbikes being used for ‘BMX’ riding?

Its stupid... No I think anyone should do what makes them happy, apart from scooters! 



What do you do in your spare time when you aren’t on a bike?

Film, take photos, play bass guitar, surf, drink shit loads of coffee.

Any countries or wishlist spots you’re planning on visiting?

Austin, Texas, NYC to see my brother and his new baby! I want to go to New Zealand also, that place looks incredible! 



FInal thoughts and shout-outs?

My Family, friends, the trees, cheers y’all!

Mike’s videos

Sunday Afternoon at Decoy



This is March

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