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Published: 14/04/12

Saturday Snaps with

Michael Overbeck

Who is Michael Overbeck? 

Michael Overbeck is a 15 year old sports and lifestyle photographer based out of Whistler, BC and Edmonton, AB in Canada. Born and raised in Whistler I grew up around a very athletic community, which was awesome! I believe that is why I love sports photography. I love to travel and see new parts of the world, finding new subjects to capture is something that inspires me.



Years shooting:

I have been shooting for around a year and about 5 months. I have loved every minute of it! And I can’t wait to see where I am in one more year.



What got you into taking photos?

I’ve always loved taking photos on my iPhone, and that was one of the things that got me into photography. I have always tried to be a creative person as well, and photography is something that I feel I can express my thoughts through. My parents owned a little Canon XTi and when I went on a camping trip with my family one summer, I tried it out and had my dad teach me a thing or two about it, and I’ve loved it ever since. 



First photography related memory:

My first photography related experience would be when I was camping near Lilloet in British Columbia with my family. I used my parents camera and had my dad teach me all about the camera. I probably wouldn’t have even been able to turn it on without my dads help haha. Great first experience!



Best photography experience:

Now that is definitely a hard one! I would have to say the best photography experience I have would have to be Crankworx 2011. I was hired as a staff photographer along with my friend Felix Burke, and it was awesome! We got to go on course and meet all the pro’s and shoot with them throughout the entire event, it was amazing! I hope to do the same this summer.



Worst photography experience:

I don’t think that I’ve ever really had a very bad photography related experience... Well once myself and my buddy Malcolm Watson were in the backcountry about to shoot some downhill MTB, and the ATV we took to get up the mountain with our new bike rack he built ended up breaking and the front right wheel of the ATV fell off and we were stuck out there for a good few hours! And my phone was almost dead and he had forgotten his.



Advice for taking a great photo: 

My best advice is just be creative and unique. Take a photo that no one else can capture.



Three favourite photographers:

Jordan Manley, Blake Jorgenson and Tyler Stalman. Really hard question because there are so many images from so many photographers that just rock.



Photography highlight/achievement:

Here are some highlights and achievements I’ve made in the last year:

-1st Place Whistler Blackcomb Photo Contest 2011
-1st Place Whistler Bike Park Elements Of Dirt Photo Contest 2011
-1st Place G8Journey 2011 Photo Contest
-Finalist in The North Face 2011 Photo Contest
-Finalist in Pentrith Regional Gallery photo exhibition
-2nd Place G8Journey 2012 Photo Contest

-Crankworx staff photographer

-Whistler Is Awesome blog contributor

-Freerider Mountain Bike magazine cover photo

-Whistler Question newspaper cover photo


And many more photos published around the web and in magazines/newspapers.



Why do you take photos?

I love being creative, and I love being able to capture a moment and have it last forever, that is what means the most to me about photography. I look forward to being able to look back on my life through images when I am older.



Top photos:

This photo was taken about one month after I got my first camera! It was an awesome day and a great experience. One of my first shots that I felt could really be a portfolio piece. 



Canon 60D

Canon 18-200 f/3.5-5.6

This shot is of Mike Montgomery. I wouldn't have been able to get this shot if I didn’t realise at the last minute that I was allowed on the course for the 2011 Crankworx Slopestyle. I love how the sun comes from behind and it gives Mike a bit of a silhouette. It was hard to find a way to make this shot look unique when there were 20 other photographers standing around this jump, but I'm happy with how it turned out!



Canon 60D

Canon 17-40 F/4L

I have always loved sequences, they look really cool in my opinion. This was the very first one I ever made. It was of Ian Cosco and I love how all the colours really blend well together.



Canon 60D

Canon 17-40 F/4L

This one is of Brian Lopes. I kept trying to get a long shutter speed of the riders on this jump. I kept trying and none of them were working, but this one of Brian ended up working out quite well. You can find this shot on the home page of



Canon 60D

Canon 70-200 f/4L

This is of my beautiful girlfriend. We decided to go for a walk in the fresh snow and it was a Winter wonderland. I took a few shots that I love in the time we were out there, and this has to be my favourite out of all my portraits. She just looks so happy and the red stands out so much. I also love how much snow is in the picture and the overall feel of the image.



Canon 60D

Canon 50 f/1.8 II

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