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Published: 15/09/12

Saturday Snaps with

Michael Ferguson

Who is Michael Ferguson

I am 25 years old, live in Devon and in my spare time I ride a BMX bike and do a bit of photography.   



Years shooting: 

I've always messed about with cheap point and shoot cameras but last year I finally brought a DSLR and a few lenses. Since then I've been hooked.       



What got you into taking photos? 

I guess it became a real hobby a few years back when I tore my ACL ligament. If I went for a ride at the skatepark I would take a camera or camcorder with me as well. That way if my knee started hurting I could still hang around and film my friends.        



First photography related memory: 

When I was about four or five years old, running round a cross country horse show taking pictures of the horses as they jumped over fences. 



Best photography experience: 

I don't know about "best" but it is always nice seeing people excited or happy with a photo I've taken of them.



Worst photography experience: 

A few years ago I went to Morocco and took a few rolls of super8 film. I didn't realise the light meter on my camera wasn't working correctly. When I finally got the film processed most of it was a complete white out.     



Advice for taking a great photo: 

Right place, right time. 



Three favourite photographers: 

Ron Stoner, Vincent Perraud and got to put local guy John Williams here too. 



Photography highlight/achievement: 

I’m just happy when I get a photo that works.



Why do you take photos? 

It’s an addiction.



Top five photos:

Toby Parker pulled this huge Nac in near pitch darkness on one of the few dry evenings we've had at the trails this year. 

Keegan Crook owns this trick. That’s all you need to know. 

Videographer and Editor Ryan Hallett pulled this toboggan in-between filming and dodging rain showers at the trails.

Jay Cowley does what he is told at Burnham-on-Sea.

Another one of Jay. This time it’s a no-handed footjam at a friends private ramps setup. 

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