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Saturday Snaps with

Matúš Slavkovský

Published: 20/04/13

Who is Matúš Slavkovský

I am a 19 year-old amateur photographer from Slovakia who likes to ride a bike, take pictures and make videos.



Years shooting:   

More seriously I started taking pictures in 2010, a year after I have bought my first DSLR.



What got you into taking photos?  

I think the reason I started taking photos was my bike. Every time I went riding I took a small digital camera with me. Sometimes I got some interesting shots, and it started to entertain me more and more. However, nowadays I am shooting more than I am riding. 



First photography related memory: 

When I was about six years old my parents gave me a small blue filmcamera. One time I took it with me on a school trip and my classmates thought it was a toy. At the end of the trip I wanted to prove to them that it was actually a real camera so I opened the back cover to show them the film. They believed me but opening the camera in the light had obviously ruined the photos, haha.



Best photography experience:  

I don’t think I have a single best photo-experience so far, I just have many normal photo-experiences whenever I look at the camera after pressing the shutter button and I see an interesting picture.



Worst photography experience: 

When my DSLR fell on the ground and got damaged in front of the entrance to the Eiffel Tower. So for the rest of the trip I had to take pictures with a broken camera.



Advice for taking a great photo:  

You have to be creative. Don’t try to imitate the pictures you have seen on the internet, create something different! And think about the photo before you press the button.



Three favourite photographers: 

It is really hard to only say three names, but some of my favourite bike-photographers are Dan Barham, Eric Palmer and Mike Zinger.



Photography highlight/achievement: 

I recently won first place at BIKER photo-contest. (BIKER is Slovak’s bike magazine)



Why do you take photos?  

For two simple reasons – because I like creating new things and it’s the easiest way to freeze time.


Slavkovský Photography Facebook page




Top photos:

BMX Brothers: Kamil Lörinc (above) Jozef Lörinc (below)


One nice sunny day, I went to shoot some BMX riders and I got a few interesting shots. These two are my favorite from that shoot. 


Canon 550D, Samyang 8 mm f3.5

Vienna Air King 


These two photos I took on a trip to Vienna for the Vienna Air King contest. 


The first one is from 2012, where Sam Pilgrim does a backflip (above), the second one is from Vienna Air King 2013 with Brett Rheeder sending a truck driver on his final run. 


Above - Sony Alpha 200, 50mm f1.8 


Below - Canon 550d, Samyang 8 mm f3.5

River Thames, London


Althought the last picture has no action, I like the contrast between the rich red bicycle and the dull waters of the Thames.     


Sony Alpha 200, 50mm f1.8

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