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Published: 29/03/13

Saturday Snaps with

Kalin Law

Who is Kalin Law?

A 26 year old San Diego native, with a passion for photography, stylish riding, and a love to experience life to the full.


Years shooting: 

Six years taking it seriously, but I've always loved having a camera in my hands.


What got you into taking photos? 

My grandfather was a photographer, which I'm sure is what has fuelled my desire for photography.


First photography related memory: 

Going on a family vacation. I remember shooting with my mum's film SLR. The main thing that intrigued me was how fast I could shoot multiple photos, and how in control I felt with a telephoto lens with manual focus.


Best photography experience: 

Probably spending a week with Ray Samson (DMR Bikes) at Woodward West, shooting photos and hanging out at camp with all the shredders. We ended that trip with a lot of great shots, and a two page spread for a DMR ad in Dirt Mag UK.


Worst photography experience: 

I try not to remember the bad ones, but a few times I've forgotten things like battery packs, triggers, tripods or even memory cards. Although recently I did have an incident where a scooter kid (go figure) ran into my light stand and broke my transmitter and flash head. Then the little punk just ran off!


Advice for taking a great photo:  

Learn the sport/subject you're working with. Get your timing down on those tricks. But mostly have fun and if you want to make something out of it, study it and practice... A LOT!


Three favourite photographers: 

Ryan Fudger is the main BMX photographer I look up to. Eddy Adams is an iconic photographer who has done some very inspirational work. And Brandon Means. He may be young, but he is one of the best all around shooters I've ever met and a damn chill guy.


Photography highlight/achievement: 

Probably getting a two page ad in Dirt Mag UK's 100th issue.


Why do you take photos? 

Because I love to capture the moment, showcase some creativity, and I just love to shoot photos and make the rider/client happy with the end results.




Top five photos:

Andre - Flair


I shot this at the very end of a session at the Mission Valley YMCA Skatepark in San Diego, CA. I randomly met Andre about an hour before this was shot. He was blasting these huge flairs so I just had to setup and capture it. 


Canon 5d MKii, 105mm, two Vivitar 285HV flashes.

Matt Cordova - Table


I've known Matt for many years and I've always looked up to his riding and smooth style. We met up to shoot around San Diego for a couple of days, and I loved the way this table at the Mission Valley Skatepark turned out. The amplitude, chrome bike, and sunglasses gives it a great feel. 


Canon 5d MKii, 15mm Fisheye, three Vivitar 285HV flashes.

Kevin Sorichetti - Black Market Ad


This was nuts! We saw this spot under a bridge over a major freeway in Sorrento Valley, CA. The transition was amazing for being a natural street piece so we decided to shoot a barspin. The second we took the first shot, a CHP officer showed up to escort us away, but after some sweet talking, he decided to give us ONE more shot. Some skill and mostly blind luck allowed us to capture this photo with the officer still in the bottom corner. 


Nikon D5000, 8mm Fisheye, one Vivitar 285HV Flash.

Michael Slocum GT500


I love this photo due to it's simplicity and good composition, but mostly because the world does not know that the GT500 they are looking at is producing 1,000+ Horsepower!


Canon 5d MKii, 80mm, two Vivitar 285HV Flashes with a large softbox.

Ray Samson - Dirt 100


Sunset, mountains, and a completely empty session at the Woodward West step up lead to a banger session and this final photo. Ray had been pushing himself all day in the 100+ degree heat and this photo was the final result. A MASSIVE Superflip over the step up, and after some spills and getting dirty, we had to get the classic profile shot as well. This was the last photo of the entire trip. 


Canon 5d MKii, 105mm, two Vivita 285HV Flashes.

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