Published: 24/05/14

Saturday Snaps with

Jeron Holy

Who is Jeron Holy?

I’m a bike nerd and car enthusiast from down in Sussex who takes photos on the side. I also run - which is a little business that makes products to improve the handling of mountain bikes. Always good to get the plug in early!



Years shooting




What got you into taking photos?

I’ve been taking photos since I first started riding mountain bikes. It offers a great excuse not to hit parts of a trail, for example the phrase ’This looks sick; I’ll get a photo!’ usually works nicely. 

I work as a graphic designer, so I guess at this point I could try and write some spiel about having a creative mindset but I shan’t bore you with that.  


I find that when I’m not pushing myself with riding I get fed up with it; so being able to have a break and shoot photos gives me an excuse to still go out every weekend and catch up with my friends who are all riding. 



First photography related memory:

I remember looking forward to my 12th birthday as my dad had always said that when I was 12 I could have an SLR camera. It was just a simple film camera; I can’t even remember the name of the thing. All I remember was it didn’t last the first week! So that was the start and end of the film section of my photography. A few years later I got a Pentax K110D which if I was to use now I’d think was pretty much the worst SLR I had laid my hands on. However that coupled with a fisheye lens really got me in to photography in a big way. Up to it’s demise in my rucksack somewhere in Chatel whilst overshooting a road gap! Some of my favourite photos that I’ve taken were with that little camera. It resides on a shelf somewhere covered in dust now.



Best photography experience:

That’s got to be when I got invited to go out to Roost DH in Malaga a few years ago. A chap called Gee Milner needed a photographer on a shoot he was doing out there and some friends of mine got in touch with him, suggesting I was a good bet/ was a bum at the time so was free! Getting a paid trip to Spain because of the quality of my photos was awesome, so thanks Gee! Even if the trip didn’t go quite to plan (nice one Brayton!)



Worst photography experience:

I’ll split this into two parts:


Firstly; seeing a friend go down when trying to show off for the camera. You feel responsible at the end of the day. One of my closest friends (Sam Hunnisett) had a serious crash the other year; I remember before he dropped in he said ’hey Jeron, film this!’. 30 seconds later his head had hit the dirt from over 20ft up and was unconscious. That was the same day that Scott Shephard had his life changing injury at PORC. Only a few minutes before that in fact. Things like that haunt me a bit. Good old Sam.


Secondly; when photos are stolen for marketing purposes. I’m not going to name and shame but anyone who knows me will have probably heard me moan about this in the last year. I think people find it hard to place value on photos sometimes; or anything that they can’t physically hold for that matter. Everyone knows the deal and 99% of them adhere to it. Sort it out that 1%! 



Advice for taking a great photo: 

Foreground foliage. As much as you can cram in there.



Three favourite photographers:

Grant Robinson – Always seems to capture so much atmosphere in his images. Lovely subtle editing. He came and did a shoot for Dirt at my jumps a few years ago, super nice guy with one strange accent!


Lawrence Crossman-Emms – Great colour grading skills. Always manages to find a new angle it seems! Went to Whistler one year and came back sick.


Duncan Philpott – Nice to see someone so talented starting to get the recognition he deserves. Was great to see the slideshow at Deep Summer in Whistler last year.



Photography highlight/achievement:

Whenever someone looks at the back of my camera and goes ’That’s sick!!’. 



Why do you take photos?

I find it fun. I wouldn’t do it otherwise! I don’t intend to make a career of it and nor is it the be all and end all of who I am. I’m not one to hold photos back in case a magazine or company would want them – I’ve sent too many photos off and been ignored too many times to worry about that any more. I’m happy to just pop them up on Facebook for all my friends to see at the end of the day. If people enjoy my photos then I’m happy! They don’t owe me anything.

Oh and it’s a great excuse not to hit things.



Top five photos:

A recent one down by where I live, in the South Downs.

Summer sessions during an Indian summer the other year.

Taken a few years ago; love this shot!

One from Malaga the other year.

PORC recently with Matt Jones.

Wildcard shot: Ashley Spencer and James Goering in the South Downs.