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Published: 22/06/13

Saturday Snaps with

Jamie Ledson

Who is Jamie Ledson?

A 23 year old photographer/ videographer/ rider/ person who likes to point cameras at people doing cool stuff... I enjoy trying to show people my perspective of things.



Years filming: 

Five or six.



What got you into filming and making videos?

Taking my dads camera out when we used to go riding, which mainly consisted of us skidding past the camera... That and showing friends what we had been building at the local trails (via Bebo hahha).



First video related memory:

Skidding into my dads camera, then having to warranty it, something about dust.



Best videographer experience:

Out on Whistler mountain filming with my buddy Go Sekiguchi. He kills it and makes me wanna ride! Golden hour Crabapple hits...



Worst videographer experience:

Anytime someone crashes (Sam Hunnisett). Well that and anytime there isn’t a sunset.



Advice for filming and making a great riding video: 

I just try to keep the videos fun and I try to only put in what I'd want to see in a video. Step back and try to get an original angle.



Three favourite film makers:

Nic Genovese, Casey Neistat and Kai Neville.



Video highlight/achievement:

Probably either having a video in the Pinkbike Video Of The Year contest last year or filming with the one and only Matt Jones for our latest project (Matt ’Bad Bones’ Jones). I was so happy with the way everything turned out! Started off slow but totally worth it in the end.



Why do you film and make videos?

FACEBOOK LIKES!!!! Nah just kidding... Pretty much just because I love it! I always try to express myself/ why I like bikes in videos and it’s pretty cool when people like that.




Top five videos/photos:

Riding Dirt Jump Bikes


This was the first time I got VOD and I was so stoked! It really made me want to film more and more when people liked the video. I just wanted to make a video showcasing summer riding and it went down pretty well.

Filmed on a Canon HV20.

Team 7: Ride Less Later


Although it may not be the best video it's one of my personal favourites because of all the good times we had making it. it is basically just everyone messing about and having fun; the reason why we ride! 

Filmed on a Canon 7d, 18-135 Lens.

Matt Jones at PORC


I was really happy with this picture - I'm not much of a photographer (Normally just stick to videos) but the conditions were too good for me not to take a photo. This got a double page spread in Dirt Mag which I was really happy with.

Canon 7d, 24-70 2.8 Canon Lens.

Matt ’Bad Bones’ Jones


We really went all out for this. We spent four days building a new line for the video and we only managed to spend a day shooting it before it snowed... I spent countless hours trying to make the cable cam work and we had so many other problems (frozen mulch, rain etc). We even shot the last clips the day before it was released, but it was all worth it! 

Canon 7d, 10-22 Canon Lens, 24-70 2.8 Canon Lens, Merlin Steadicam.

Summer Forever 2


This is pretty much just an overview of my summer, so I tried to include the fun times highlights (so many) and show why I love bikes and summer! 

Canon 7d, 10-22 Canon Lens, 24-70 2.8 Canon Lens, Samyang 8mm, Merlin Steadicam.

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