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Published: 01/09/12

Saturday Snaps with

James Webber

Who is James Webber?

Well I am a 22 (23 in a few months) year old student currently studying a degree in Graphic Design at the Cambridge School of Art. Of course my graphic design is at the forefront of things but I can’t get enough of taking pictures! I got my first digital camera (Canon 300D) back in 2007 and haven’t stopped since.


Years shooting: 

Around four or five.


What got you into taking photos?

I used to skateboard a lot and would flick through Sidewalk magazine in awe of the images, so I went out and tried to take similar pictures.


First photography related memory:

Purchasing my 2nd hand Nikon F50 and taking it down Woburn.


Best photography experience:

I’d have to say the travelling I do for the photos. You can’t beat a good explore.


Worst photography experience:

Dropping a lens at the zoo and it shattering on the floor.


Advice for taking a great photo: 

I personally think composition is key so that would be my first point of call when setting up for a shot.


Three favourite photographers:

This is quite a tough one as I am sure most others will agree. But people who have either influenced me or caught my eye while being interested in photography have been Bryce Kanights, Nathan Beddows and Roger Sharp.


Photography highlight/achievement:

Having my first ever sale of a few of my photo’s from a well known company.


Why do you take photos?

I take photos because I enjoy it (obviously). It will sound so cliché but I simply love to capture the world around me and share it with people in the way I like to see it.




Twitter: @jamesmwebber




Top five photos:

I decided to take advantage of the sun and headed down to Woburn only to find Matt Cooper flying through the air, all he needed was a cape! I personally don’t like centered subjects but I think that in this image it works.

Moving to Cambridge was a scary yet awesome thing. I couldn’t resist taking my Pentax MV along with me and one morning on my way to campus the mist was so thick across Parkers Piece that I could barely see the person walking in front of me.

As mentioned previously I enjoy exploring. One place I really love to visit is the Lake District and this is a shot of mine and my girlfriends’ family getting lost up a mountain.


I have actually made a book on my journeys to the Lake District for university, which you can view at:

I think the correct terminology for this image is…..dumped. I’ve never seen anyone throw a dumped 360 quite like Identiti’s Matt Jones.

This may not be the most technical photo but it is among my favourites. They say a dog is a man’s best friend and they don’t come much better than this little guy.

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