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Fulwood trails

Published 2017

Words and photos: JonJon Rogerson


Location: Huthwaite, Notts.


History of your trails:

I came about the area when I was a kid. I didn’t see any trails potential back then but I remembered it years later, so when the time was right I gathered a few mates, shovels, bikes and beers and set to work. The land actually backs on to my garden (well it did back then). It is now separated by an industrial estate, so it makes it somewhere you would least expect to find a set of trails.



Describe your trails:

As much as I'd love big jumps our woods aren't big enough so making the most of the space has been key. The trails are really chilled, starting small and getting bigger with berms, rollers, booters and hips. Nothing crazy; keeping things fun.



Main Diggers:

JonJon, Nathan, Shane, Scott, Daryl and Farmboy.



Updates and plans for 2018:

We're actually rebuilding the original line with a new lip into the hip landing, creating two different lines. Can't wait!



Long term trails/digging goals:

I think our main long-term goals are not to have more jumps and lines but to get everything we've built dialled. Then we can look at making and creating new things.



I would like to ride your trails. Are they open to the public or private/invite only?

Our trails are invite only unfortunately.



Nearby spots:

Being based in the Midlands we're in the middle of everyone.



Any jams or contests going down at your trails this year?

Yes. We will be hosting our first jam at the end of the summer. Date tbc.



Anything else you would like to add?

Just a huge thank you to anyone that as pulled water from the stream, swept a bowl, flipped a burger or shouted yo! Also a huge shoutout to UrbanAir BMX Shop for keeping us fresh. #Fulwoodbmx #Trailssyndicate

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