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Free in the mountains

A six-month adventure in New Zealand

looking out to the Darran Mountains from the top of Barrier Knob

Words and photography: Milan Olivier

Last update: 26.07.20


'I'm leaving'. Over the past few days I'd played these words over and over in my head while deliberating my future, but out loud and in front of my boss, they sounded unapologetically final despite the uncertainty I felt.


I'd always wanted to go away for longer than a holiday but I struggled to figure out where or for what, content at home with my life and secure salary that paid for it; but was content enough? Aged 30 and with no significant ties the timing was right, so I handed in my resignation letter and one month later, on the 15 November 2018, flew to New Zealand. 

This ten part series, which will be released over the coming weeks, delivers an honest account of the highs and lows before, during and after the biggest adventure of my life. 

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