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Published: 06/04/12

Saturday Snaps with

Davin Pena

Who is Davin Pena?

I'm 19. living here in the bay area, California. I'm Stoked on snow, dirt, water,  cement, Canada, camping, family and sushi. I'm Not too stoked on Sheetrock, and people that are angry drivers. I'm Always trying to improve on my photos/videos somehow.



Years shooting:

I have been shooting for about three years now.



What got you into taking photos?

Probably art, I have always been stoked on drawing and there's allot of ways to express art through photos.



First photography related memory: 

This had to be when my grandparents bought me my first film camera for my graduation, I went around my whole neighborhood taking photos of cars.



Best photography experience: 

One of the times I remember was when i was with a friend taking photos on a Santa Cruz trail, I just bought a remote and flash, I was so stoked on how the shots ended up that day.



Worst photography experience: 

I don't think I have had any horrible experiences but there was one night taking photos of my friends car, we were taking shots at a local school and we ended up getting locked in the campus till about 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning until the city had someone get us out.



Advice for taking a great photo: 

As long as the photo gets you stoked when you look at it haha, and it helps to look at all of the other great photos people make as well.



Three favourite photographers: 

Blotto Photto 

Ian hylands

Vance taitano 



Photography highlight/achievement:

Probably being able to shoot with great people that have a ton of talent, as well as being able to travel a little.



Why do you take photos? 

I take photos because it's super fun to me, I love biking as much as taking photos of it. It's a great feeling when I get a shot that I like, and its great when riders and people enjoy them as well.

Top photos:

This photo stands out to me a lot because it was the first time i went to take photos with Jack Fogelquist. The locals were there and everyone was throwing down on the step up. Jack was pumped on landing Frontflips that day, I snapped this shot of him going so big, luckily my flash fired and lit up Jack perfectly.

I was exited when i took this shot of Ray George doing a three at the step up jump. It always seems to be a challenge when taking photos at the step up because you’re limited on angles. This was a new angle for me and i liked how there is a dreamy feel to it as well.

About to end a long day of riding, not really shooting the main trick jumps at post office, then Jack rolls through with a bar spin right before a really pinned section of the line making it look so easy.

This was taken in the middle of summer. I like this one because it gets me stoked on swimming, chilling with friends, and just wasting time.

This had to be the coldest I have ever been after taking a photo. If you can imagine I was using a 10mm fisheye with a tripod, so basically I jumped down to this area when the tide was coming in. I was just happy I got the shot, even though half a second later I was soaked.

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