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Brockham trails

Published 2015

Words: Jonathan Faulkner

Photos: Dan Curtis


Location: Surrey



History of your trials

The trails started around 2004 with Dom and a few others, after someone else had found the spot and didn't really do anything with it. The trails progressed slowly with not to many builders, with a four jump small line and a four jump big line remaining the same for a number of years while people were at uni etc. 


On Dom’s return the big line got extended with a few more sets and in 2009(ish) myself and Kile started going up and helping out. 


We continued to build more and by winter 2011 we had a lot more people helping out digging every Saturday (Everyone in the list below plus George, Sam, Ryan, Eddie, Paul Wilson, Paul Weller, Paul H, Si, Tom G, Jamie, Gill) it got pretty crazy with 10 people in the woods most weekends. This put us on the map really, building so much, so quickly, Along with Dom’s idea to build a fucking massive 36 footer. A lot of those guys moved on to other things etc so over the last few years we've just had a smaller group listed below.


We had our first Jam last year, which really came about to help pay towards our lease/insurance. We were all a bit worried how it would go down but it was a great success with the pizza oven and trains going all day long.


We've only been 'official' for a year now. It was a bit tense for a while with the land owner but we managed to get a license written up, a club formed and we got liability insurance. He's now very happy with what we have going on. If anybody needs some pointers about how to go about it give us a shout on our Facebook page.


We've been in Dirt magazine and Ride BMX a few times. Dirt magazine were really good to us and helped pay of a massive chunk towards our insurance last year.



Describe your trails

Long flowing lines with something for everyone.



Main diggers/locals:

Currently it’s: Jonny, Kile, Dom, Matt, Luke, Tom A, Dan, Adam and James.


There have been many others over the years though. Thanks to anyone thats ever put a shovel in! George, Sam, Ryan, Eddie, Paul Wilson, Paul Weller, Paul H, Si, Tom G, Jamie, Gill and the rest (sorry if I’ve missed you).



Updates/changes for 2015

We're rebuilding our small line and its looking sweet at the moment; everyone is putting in lots of work. Its always been there but it never really got ridden that much. 


Hopefully the changes we are making will make it more interesting. 


We've also been sorting another big line, we rode some of it last year but only testing and it needed a few changes before sending the last in the line. I'd say its near 30ft and pretty tall to.



Long term trails/digging goals

I wouldn't say we have any, we have so many jumps now over such a large area just maintaining what we have is enough work. Also with our insurance/land leasing expansion is not really allowed so we just plan to change up what we have and improve it.



I would like to ride your trails, anything I need to know?

The trails aren't open to the public as we are on private land. We're not invite only though, anyone’s welcome if they have there own spot or are willing to help out. We have a fairly even split of MTB/BMX so either is welcome. As long as the landing destroyers stay at home.



Nearby spots

Leatherhead, Wisley, Blackwoods and many more.



Any jams or contests going on at your trails this year?

We'll be holding a Jam again this year as last years was a great success. 8th of August is the rough date at the moment.



Anything else you’d like to add?

Long live Brockham Trails!

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