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Published: 07/07/12

Saturday Snaps with

Ben Mark

Who is Ben Mark? 

I am an easy going chap who is up for good times. I have a general interest in all sports, but mainly the two-wheeled pedalling type. I like being able to take a photo with the view of "If I was doing that trick how would I like it to look”, and try to make it look as impressive as possible. I work as a TV technician travelling round Europe on the PGA golf tour, and others.



Years Shooting?

I have been shooting for five years give or take a month or two.



Advice for taking a great photo: 

For that you would have to ask someone who is very talented at photography. It’s not just about your equipment, but having a decent bit of kit does help when shit hits the fan. When you’re struggling with light or being able to get really sharp pictures for those special moments a £1500 lens should bail you out.


I have always thought that it’s better to be able to take a photo and just enjoy doing it in your own time rather than being that guy running around with four flash guns, a deadline looming and no photo's on his memory card. Go out, enjoy yourself, take your time and take any criticism on board but just remember that their view is only one persons view on something a 100,000 people could absolutely love.



Three favourite photographers:

First off it would have to be Sebas Romero, the bold colours he captures, the detail, and his open/wild style to photography is what got me into photography. 


Gareth Howell from Wisley trails has a real good unique style and when it comes to shooting jumps, he's definitely one of the best English photographers to grace the UK Magazines with his photo's.


Ricky Adams from DIG BMX magazine, I have only met him once but looking through the photo's he’s taken, the spots that he has found to take photo's at, and the way in which he can churn out incredible quality photo's in such large quantities proves how talented he is.



Photography highlight/achievement:

My first DMR advert with Jimmy Riding his hand built berm (see below). I think that because I have always ridden a DMR bike and I’ve also worked for them, I had a good relationship with the guys, and I got to realise just how large the company is. They used a photo of mine for an advert in MBUK and Dirt Mag, and for a 2m by 4m display at Eurobike. Getting POD on Pinkbike was one of my proudest moments as a photographer. 

Why do you take photos?

Because I enjoy it, because if pays off my credit card and because it’s led me to meet some pretty epic and super talented people.


Top five photos:

Martin Soderstrom: 1 foot Unturndown 


I was working in Malaga in Southern Spain. I went for a pedal down the local park and met Martin Soderstrom and some of his buddy's who had come across to ride some dry trails away from the snow in Sweden. All I can say is what a very nice person he is and what talent he has on a bike.

Joss Fenn: Opposite curve rail


This photo of a local friend Joss Fenn has real good memories and definitely goes with the saying "good things come to those who wait", it was freezing cold and Joss took about 200 runs before even hopping onto this rail! He nailed it first time and it was the most wild rail trick I have ever seen happen in front of me!

Jimmy Pratt (enough said) British trails riding at its best.

Max Wood: Table


This is one of my favourite shots but unfortunately it never got published, its BMX’er Max Wood riding at Hills and Mountain Trails, Max is a proper sick rider and a proper wild guy.

Dean Cueson: Superwhip


I shoot mainly BMX just as it’s what I am surrounded by and well this is just wild. Maybe with some more powerful flashes I would have picked him out a bit better but as a pretty natural shoot I am pretty happy with it!

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