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Video - So Big 4

6 Jun 2021


A So Big 4 - the final chapter, was filmed mainly in 2017 at Monkey Bumps, Staffs, Woburn, Woodward, Sheet and Brockham.

For the love of trails.



Article - New Zealand's top MTB spots

14 May 2021


There's much more than Queenstown and Rotorua when it comes to world class mountain mountain biking destinations in New Zealand.

Here's a top ten list from six months riding nearly every day for six months on the island



Interview - Running a mountain bike park

09 May 2021


Tim Browne, owner of Dirt Farm, reveals the truth about building, opening and running a public mountain bike park.

video interview


Article - New Zealand's best MTB tracks

10 Feb 2021


The first of a Free in the mountains reflections series drops in with the countries best mountain bike tracks, all caught on camera. 



Article - Gone

16 Oct 2020


Free in the mountains follows the highs and lows before, during and after a six month adventure in New Zealand. 


Part 9, the final chapter, is an emotive end to the journey.



Article - The ultimate Peak District ride

26 Jul 2020


The perfect 24 hour ultra-endurance mountain bike ride.


100 miles (162km) | 16,601ft (5060m) elevation | 21 hours | 26 descents. Every classic (and many others) MTB descent in the Peaks  - self supported with no pit stops. See what happens when you push your limits.



Article - Welcome to paradise

25 Jul 2020


Free in the mountains follows the highs and lows before, during and after a six month adventure in New Zealand. 


Part 8 is all about shredding some of the best MTB trails in the world - welcome to paradise, welcome to Nelson.



Article - Why I climbed 5000 metres on a mountain bike

06 Jul 2020

The story behind my biggest ever endurance feat, an 18 hour fundraising mountain bike ride in the Peak District with 5000 metres of elevation over 84 miles, and the day itself.



Article - Return to the North Island

19 Mar 2020


Part 7 of Free in the mountains opens with some heavy life reflection on the long drive from Queenstown to Rotorua, before getting into the thick of it at Crankworx, getting lost on the islands highest mountain during terrible weather, and returning to Dirt Farm on my final visit to the North Island.



Article - Queenstown living

11 Nov 2019


Free in the mountains follows the highs and lows before, during and after a six month adventure in New Zealand.

Part 6 includes tales of salvaging phones from toilets, free-soloing, getting lost on mountains and police stations - not far off a typical six weeks in NZ!



Video - Dreamline sessions

05 Oct 2019


This is what goes down at Dreamline in Queenstown, New Zealand.


Downhill bikes, jump bikes, BMX bikes - this is NZ so anything goes. Filmed in March 2019 when the pros were in town warming up for Crankworx Rotorua.


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